Enabling extraordinary experiences

Live Experiences

At INCA, we curate live experiences that blend production, theatrical and architectural design with technology, creating a strong, compelling narrative.

Our team produce dynamic experiences which are not only immersive but can translate seamlessly into multiple mediums delivering truly personalised content.

Creative Strategy

We know the value of cultivating strong roots for a campaign to fully blossom.

Developing long-term creative strategy for brands and ensuring they deliver impactful measurable results is intrinsic to what we do. Our events are multi-medium, wholly engaging and longevity is assured.

Brand Alliance

At INCA we secure strategic partnerships with rights holders and brands to create unique IP, with activations that generate content and measurable results.

Brands we’ve orchestrated highly successful collaborations between include Stella McCartney for Canon, Alexander Wang and Samsung and Zac Posen for Jaguar Land Rover.